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A Thin&Healthy® World

Wouldn’t it be great to find a program (not a ‘diet’ to follow) that teaches you how to not only lose your weight but shows you how to keep it off so you never need to lose weight again? 


We know there are thousands of ‘diets’ on the market for you to choose from.

In fact the average American has been on 10-20 diets in the last 31/2-5 years!


Aren’t you tired of trying all of these ‘diets’ and not getting to and staying where you want to be?


Now, imagine feeling great about your weight, your body, your health. 

Picture in your mind how you look: you know—that flat stomach, tight rear end, firm legs, toned arms, no bra flab, no love handles, no double chin, etc. What are you wearing--jeans/pants with a size in the single digits, a shirt tucked in, a belt showing off your small waist perhaps? How do you feel--energetic, happy, healthy, confident, and on top of the world?


Feels good doesn’t it?


How do you feel right now (as you sit at your computer) about your weight, your body, and your health? 


You’d like it to be better but you’re tired of trying all the gimmicks and diets that haven’t worked for you right? 


Click here to start losing up to 1/3 lb a day in the privacy of your own home without a gimmick or ‘diet’.  Click here to learn how A Thin&Healthy® World can teach you a lifestyle change that help you get your weight off and keep it off!




You don't have to have a TH center in your town to be on our awesome program. Here are the details of the program and the link to get you on your way to being Thin&Healthy for the rest of your life! You have TWO choices in THW (Thin&Healthy World) programs.  Just choose which one is right for you and we'll get you started asap!  Make sure you also sign up for our free HEALTHY HOPE E-ZINE (Newsletter).  It's full of great tips to help you get to all of your goals--not just weight loss! 

When joining the BASIC Thin&Healthy program online, you will be receiving all the information our members receive in our centers, but will be able to do this self-monitoring program in the convenience of your own home. When you sign up you will receive a free starter kit (with 14 supplements and 3 bars (a $32 value)--you just pay the shipping/handling), all the phases (menus) of the program, a food diary and a measurement sheet to help you keep track of all the inches you have lost. To keep you motivated and on track we will be sending you Healthy Portions every week via email. The Healthy Portions coaching emails will give you information on exercise, healthy foods education and how to make your whole life better. You will be able to contact me at any time throughout your program if you have any questions.

When becoming a Thin&Healthy World LIFE SUCCESS Member, you will receive:

  • A three month Thin&Healthy Weight Loss Program
  • Free Starter Kit (includes 14 Thin&Healthy Supplements and 3 Thin&Healthy Bars - a $32.00 value!)
  • Every week, for 52 weeks you will receive a Life Success (LS) email lesson. The 12 essentials are the core foundation for Life Success.
  • A complete set of menus that use grocery store foods
  • Discounts on supplements, bars, books, and other products available only to THW members
  • Continual recipe ideas
  • Easy ideas to help you eat your 20 favorite foods and still lose weight
  • Convenience of our in-home program
  • Continuous support via our weekly "Healthy Portions Coaching Emails" (HP's) to help you achieve better and faster results.
  • A subscription to our weekly Healthy Hope E-zine full of great tips and hints on weight loss, nutrition, Life Success as
    well as motivating testimonials and great recipes!
  • With Life Success you will:   overcome 50-100% more obstacles,  make 30-300% more money, and  look and feel
    5-20 years younger than you would on your own!
  • There 12 essentials are the core foundation for Life Success. Everything from Personal Development and Goal Setting to Time Management and Communication. Every week, for 52 weeks you will receive an email lesson. You will cover each essential for 4 weeks. Don't worry if you get behind, they will be there when it is convenient for you. The real success of the program is based on the person you become and the results you have achieved one year from now.

    Go to for more information. 
    (This choice is for 12 months)


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