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Are you an emotional eater

Do you know how to tell the difference between physical and emotional hunger?  

Do you know how to measure your food without a measuring cup to keep your portion sizes in line? 

Would you like to gain about 2 hours a day to do the things you actually want to do? 

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Donna Krech, mastermind behind Motivation Assassinators, wants to share some FREE tips and info to help you on your journey to not only losing your weight but keeping it off for the rest of your life !

Free Aerobic Activity Chart
Wouldn’t you like to know how many calories you burn doing some everyday activities like mowing the grass, doing housework or gardening?  How about some not so everyday things like playing ping-pong, golfing or fishing?  This chart has over 50 activities listed with the average number of calories you’ll burn by doing them for an hour depending upon your weight.

Free Portion Size Reminder
Visualize your portion size with this handy guide. Measuring can be the difference between losing weight and gaining weight but in real life we don’t always have a measuring cup in hand.  This guide will help you keep your portions the correct size no matter where you are!

Emotional Eating Self-Test
Not sure if you’re an “emotional eater”?  Take this self-test to find out where you fall and what you can do to overcome the emotional eating obstacles!

How To Tell The Difference Between Emotional Eating And Physical Hunger
Are you really hungry or are you trying to fill an emotional void?  Use these helpful tips to identify if you are trying to satisfy an emotional need or a physical hunger. 

Free Report—How To Gain More Time In Your Day!
Do you feel like you just never have enough time?  Want to learn how to gain 2 hours or more every day?  Just imagine what you could do with 14 extra hours a week.  Imagine no more! Utilize these simple tips and gain 728 hours a year!

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