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Chirstmas Food Choices??
Can I have that?

The Christmas season is here and with it comes lots of food. Let's review label reading so you can learn how to determine whether a food is on your program or if you should avoid it.

Although we want you to follow the program exactly, there are other foods that fit into the Thin&Healthy Program that may not be listed on your phase.

What do you look for on the food label? There are five things to look at.

The first and most important is the Serving Size. Make sure the serving sizes match on both products you are comparing.

The other things to look at are the calories, total fat grams, and sugar. All of these must be equal to or less than the accepted food item.

The last thing is protein. The protein should be equal to or higher than the accepted food item.

Make sure you are comparing like items. If you're looking at Raisin Bran you would compare it to another cereal like Shredded Wheat. If looking at a Blue Bunny ice cream label, you would compare it to a Healthy Choice ice cream label.

If the calories, fat grams, sugar are too high or protein is too low, then you'll want to avoid that particular item and look for another alternative.

Not sure how many fat grams you're consuming??? Then you'll want The FAT BOOK! This book has over 30,000 items listed from fast food and restaurants to cuts of meat and how they are prepared. It will help you determine how many fat grams you are consuming on a daily basis for almost any food you can find. Remember on the Thin&Healthy program you are keeping your fat gram consumption between 20-40 grams per day on average. This is a handy must have for anyone!

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