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Get Moving During the Holidays
Ways To Get Moving During The Holidays!

1. Go Christmas shopping! Walking around in a large mall or shopping center makes for great activity and great fun. You just can't get a better activity combination!

2. The old standard - park your vehicle 'a ways' from the building and walk. Yes, it's an old tip but still one of the best. On your walk to the store, think about the things you want to purchase (your gift list).

3. Wrap those packages! And once yours are all bundled up, volunteer to wrap some more. Local shelters are in dire need of volunteers during this busy season of the year for everything from wrapping packages to delivering hot meals.

4. Take the dog for a long walk through the neighborhood after dark so you can get a glimpse of the pretty lights in the area. Be sure to take a few friends along for safety concerns. Also, take a flashlight and wear light clothing.

5. Throw a Christmas Party. As host or hostess, you'll certainly be getting in more than your share of activity for the day or night.

6. Grab some friends and go caroling.

7. Build a snowman if you live in the northern regions.

8. If you live in the southern regions, get out the rake and bring along some friends. After you've raked up a big pile - well, you know what to do!

9. Bake some homemade holiday bread. It's great exercise due to the kneading of the bread.

10. Do any of the following, depending on where you may live: ice skating, sledding, skiing, horseshoes, bowling, dancing, hula hooping to The Jingle Bell Rock!

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