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What's the deal with meal replacements?
Can you really replace a meal with a beverage?

With the fast pace of society more and more people are searching for fast and easy ways to get in a meal, but can a beverage really replace a meal?

Meal replacement beverages are popping up on grocery and convenience store shelves all across the country. They market their ease, taste and ability to "replace a meal" but a closer looks shows you might not be getting the nutrition you think.

The average meal replacement beverage is between 170 and 280 calories and between seven and 20 grams of protein. A typical meal would provide closer to 500 calories and around 20 - 30 grams of protein. These low calorie levels may be enticing for weight loss but the problem is they may not give you the satisfaction a meal can. Eating satisfaction comes from the taste, texture and feeling of fullness a meal provides - liquids often lack that "feeling of fullness", meaning you may end up eating more not less.

If you would like to get more out of your meal and stay satisfied longer, try adding a Thin&Healthy protein supplement to your meal instead of grabbing a meal replacement beverage. You'll be getting 15 grams of protein with less than 4 grams of fat and you won't have to give up all the tastes and textures of eating a real meal.

If you are on the Thin&Healthy plan you know you can have up to four supplements a day. Try having a chocolate pudding for dessert or a cappuccino with your breakfast. Add our chicken noodle soup to your lunch menu or have a wildberry passion cold drink with your dinner. You see, supplements don't take the place of your meal--they go along with it. You'll feel full, you won't be craving sweets and you'll help to increase your metabolism with the added protein. (Protein builds lean muscle and just the existence of lean muscle burns fat.)

There are tons of great supplement flavors to choose from! To see supplement flavors, visit the Donna Online Krech Store!


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