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Don't let the day pass you by without...
Make Action Happen No Matter Where You Are!

Just because summer is gone it doens't mean outside is off limits! Don't let a beautiful day pass you by without taking a walk outside.

When at a party, don't just watch everyone dance, join in! Movement is movement--we just need more of it!

Take your exercise videos with you and get the kids in on the aerobic action with you a few hours after lunch.

After-turkey-day shopping on the itinerary? Park far away from the entrance (Chances are, you'll probably have no choice anyway!), take the steps instead of the elevator, and "explore" a new mall from one end of the other instead of following the directory. Just be sure to take along your sneakers! Incorporate extra walking wherever you can on your shopping extravaganza. Then your credit cards won't be the only thing getting a workout!

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