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Stretch to prevent aches and pains!
METABOLISM RETRAINING HINT-- Stretch to prevent aches and pains!

Stretching is a great way to prevent aches and pains and can also help prevent injuries from overuse and repetitive motions, which account for a third of all missed work days.

So how do you start? Warming up can help your stretching results. A light warm up before stretching can increase your range of motion. Try jumping jacks or walking in place to get the muscles active and warm.

Stretching How To's. A stretch needs to be slow and controlled--not fast--and avoid bouncing. It's also best to hold the stretch for 15- 30 seconds. If you feel any pain, back off. Pain is your body's way of telling you that you've gone beyond your limits.

How often should you stretch? One stretch per muscle group, once a day should be sufficient. However, some muscle groups may require more stretching.

Source: The Physician and Sportsmedicine

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