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Tired of things that don't give you results?
What's All This Hub-Bub About Motivation Assassinators?

If you’re tired of dieting and worn out from constant exercise that just doesn’t produce results, this information will resurrect your faith that it can be done. Donna Krech has lost five sizes and has maintained that loss for fourteen years without even thinking or worrying about food. And she’s helped hundreds of thousands to do the same through the company she owns. Relate and rejoice as Donna shares with you the same Sixty-Second Secret that’s allowed so many to finally lose weight and keep it off permanently.

Donna’s an entrepreneur, speaker, author and life success master. She’s shared the stage with names like Brian Tracy, Jim Roan, and Denis Waitley. She’s helped many people become successful in business and in life, and with this CD she’ll teach you how to finally identify the real key to you losing weight; so you won’t repeat the same process you’ve repeated in the past that hasn’t resulted in you losing weight. Apply what Donna shares with you and you will lose and keep the weight off!

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