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Determination By Donna Krech
Let's talk about how to tap into what that lies within you, the thing that is ultimately going to take you to your goal because it is what defeats the motivation assassinators--determination. First let's talk about the definition of determination. Determination is a firm intention; having one's mind made up; being unwavering. Now that doesn't come from convenience. It has to be unwavering. That means it is 'bull-headed' even when things aren't ideal. So it doesn't live in a world of "well I'd like to, or it would be nice or I'd kind of like that." Tony Robbins says "We should all over ourselves, it can't be a 'should'; it needs to be an 'I will' or even an 'I must'." And then it'll happen.

It's very, very simple. Have consistency - do it the same way each time. Make the positive choice each time. Expect more from yourself than anyone else would expect from you. When you expect more from yourself you will achieve the goal for sure. It's simply about raising your standards. You see when we put forth poor efforts we really get no result. When we put forth excellent efforts we get good results. When we put forth outstanding efforts the results are just immeasurable. So simply expect more from yourself, make up your mind that you're going to stay focused on that goal, overcome those motivation assassinators, and make positive choices.

Remember there are three levels in overcoming the motivation assassinators. Level number one is identifying it and then making the correct choice. Identify it and take a breath. The make the correct choice. Once you've done that for a while you'll move to level two.

Level two is choosing an ulterior approach, something that you can do instead of the negative choice - not just not making the negative choice.

Finally the third level is pouring good positive stuff into your mind on an ongoing basis that will equip you to always make the positive choice. BYOB! Decide not to let the motivation assassinators get you. Give away information to others that has worked for you. When you learn something new, give it away to somebody else. As many people as you possibly can. I know that kind of sounds silly but it's powerful. That will stir up your determination. That will make you stronger and you will be constantly beating the motivation assassinators.

This isn't about positive thinking, this is about action. Now most people don't step up and they don't take this action, they don't let this kick in because of fear. They're afraid of trying again and failing or looking bad in front of other people. But remember that stepping up against what you fear is, in and of itself, a motivation assassinator. That's the negative belief trying to get you. Let's start identifying these things when they show up. When we influence ourselves by conquering our fear, we decide we're going to accomplish our goal.

We need to just have a strategy for going in the right direction. Remember when you make a very slight shift; you end up killing the motivation assassinators when they're little. And you just had to change your life a little bit. It's like the example I've given of sitting on the couch and not doing the exercises on the floor. Get off the couch; be willing to do the exercises for five, ten minutes. You'll probably end up doing them longer. But the bottom line is, you've made a decision and you've killed that motivation assassinator before it became huge.

When you're faced with a motivation assassinator, push through, make a choice, and make a decision to make the positive choice. Just make a decision, put yourself in a mental state to decide. Realize you have a choice. You can let the motivation assassinator kill your motivation or you can execute the motivation assassinator. Once you start identifying these motivation assassinators and recognize them when they show up, every single time that happens, realize they don't have to take out your motivation. You decide to make the right move and take out that motivation assassinator or let it take down your level of motivation. Just make the right choice.

And remember conditioning. Just doing the same thing again and again when you're exercising, like when you're doing ten reps - do you suppose it's the tenth rep that causes the muscle to grow? No it's really the eleventh rep. and it might be the twelve or thirteenth that really causes the muscle to grow. Well that's what you want to do when you're creating new habits and kicking in determination. You want to do just a little bit more than you would have done in the past.

When you're most tired of being determined push yourself through. Just say to yourself, "I'm only going to do this for today. I'm not going to do this after today." Your determination can kick in when you say "I'm only going to do this for today." You'll master today, and you'll find that those motivation assassinators have less power in your life tomorrow.

Spend 90 percent of your time living in ways that will get you to your goal. Allow yourself ten percent for not living in those ways. You're going to be amazed.

A real key to determination is that third step of our Sixty-Second Success Secret®. And that's making a point to make a permanent mark in your whole life. Tell other people what you're learning. You're going to find yourself staying at your goal.

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