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Savor precious moments usually taken for granted
I was at a favorite Ohio amusement park, Cedar Point, with my husband, son and a friend of his. We were riding rides... your typical Cedar Point routine. As the ride plummeted downward, I heard my son laugh hysterically. I grabbed a hold of that sound and buried it in my heart. I told him about it when we got off the ride and lavished him with praise about how great it made me feel, he continued to do it the rest of the day. One of the greatest sounds in the world is laughter, especially when it belongs to someone you love. Be able to describe the laugh of one you love and you will have those savored moments with you forever. Otherwise, you’ll forget them. Remembering that, that laugh will take you through some tough spots in life. You’ll be able to go back to the times you’ve savored and rest in them when you need a break from life’s difficulty. What precious memory are you savoring?

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