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Face your fear... cause it’s just a fantasy anyway
It doesn’t matter what the fear is, one hundred percent of the time, all you fear will simply NOT take place. You see, we look at a new, perhaps untried situation. It intimidates us because of the uncertainty of not doing it before. Then our imaginations engage. We begin to allow our mind to paint pictures of the horrible outcome, the terrible disaster that will be if we do the unknown and try the new task. We sweat, our heart rate goes up, our breathing is even affected! And do you know why? Because of fantasy! I’ll prove it. Think about a scary movie you’ve seen. When you got to the parking lot, you checked in the back seat and under the car. When you got home you checked behind the doors and under the bed. Why? Fantasy! See, even though YOU know that what you saw was a movie, your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s imagined. Thus, the nervousness and anxiety felt is a result of imagination. So, the next time you get around the same, untried new thing, what happens? The fear, you got it. Because your mind is convincing you that the imagined outcome is real. Now, knowing that, that’s the way it works, we CAN make it work FOR us. Think, instead, on what you want. Imagine, with as much detail as possible, the outcome you’d like to see take place when you do the thing you’re unsure of. When we envision the things we want our mind, again, will see it as real and direct you accordingly. This time, instead of nerves and sweat, confidence and self-esteem will be the result. When we tell our mind, through the pictures we paint in it, that we can have what we want, we will do the very thing we fear (cause our mind doesn’t know we fear it), and then the death of fear is CERTAIN! Come on, just once. Forget the fantasy and face the fear. Oh, will life EVER be easier!

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