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The Impact Relationships Have On Success

Relationships, especially friendships, have a LOT to do with staying fit and keeping weight off. Of course it's more fun and easier to do things like this with friends, but the relationship role plays an even bigger role than you might think. Our relationship can cause our success, but they can also sabotage our weight loss. Today I share a suggestion from a friend of ours, Chris Widener. In talking with Chris about losing weight, we shared with each other how those we hang around with really can "push the Oreos" or encourage talking a walk. Either way, we tend to listen.

Chris says we should give our friends our vulnerability. We are taught to "be strong." And yes, we should be strong. But we have also embraced something that he thinks keeps us from having the kind of friendships that we long for. It is an idea that keeps us from experiencing the kind of relationships that would bring deep meaning to us. It is the idea of vulnerability.

"But wait, make yourself vulnerable and people will step all over you!" It is true that this can happen. But I have also seen that most people will be drawn to you. They will help you. They will open up to you. You see, we are all broken people inside. We all have secrets. Yet everyone plays the poser. When one lets down their veil, others soon follow - and we all win. Let your friends know that achieving your goal is important to you. Let them know you need their help and their support. Let them know you can't do it alone and you're counting on them. They'll be there, and then you can be there for them too! Two people losing weight together really do have more fun and get better results

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