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Achieving Victories!

Think about how many aspects of your life change for the better when your health and weight begin to change.   Also, think about how losing weight and keeping it off is so much easier when other areas of life are flowing smoothly. This IS the Life Success way!


The definition of a victory is this,
*supremacy in battle by the defeating of an enemy or opponent*.

Well, life, marriage, business, ministry, whatever--can surely feel like a BATTLE at times, so the definition is a welcome one!


Victories can be accomplished in one of three ways.


One, when the actual goal has been hit (the size desired has been achieved, the weight has been lost, the tummy is flat, etc).


Two, an obstacle that could have prevented or could prevent the victory was overcome (wanting to sit and stare at the tv and getting up and taking a walk, reading book, or journaling instead, needing and emotional pick up from a Snickers bar and eating a Brownie Bar in its place, wanting to react to your boss and choosing to calmly communicate instead). These are all victories!


And (three) there's yet one more way to determine you've achieved victory. Every little step in the right direction toward the goal is a victory too! In other words, when you lose a ¼ pound- that's a victory! When your goal is to save money and you've saved $5.00- victory! When your goal was to improve your marriage and you went on a date last weekend-
VICTORY! When you hoped to move forward in your career and you had a great evaluation at work--- you've got it--- VICTORY!!!


Count your victories throughout the day and keep track of them.  At the end of each week, read over them and recognize all you have accomplished in just one week.

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