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Do Something You Love
Take something you love and figure out a way to make money at it.
Donna Krech

These words are some that were repeated over and over again as I raised my kids. God made life very simple. It's we humans who make things so difficult. If you want to make money at something, you need to be able to stay at it. If you're going to stay at it, it needs to be something you LOVE, something you have a passion for. What do you love? I mean what do you LOVE? There's where you can practice the stick-to-it-iveness that's needed in order to succeed. Can I promise you millions? No. But I can promise you you'll spend your years on this earth loving what you do... and that's a rare a precious gift that many simply don't go after. Life is too Short to not be doing what I love. I'll ask myself again today. "Am I doing what I love?" The answer needs to be 'yes' if I'm to stay at it. And I can't let my passion drive me if I'm not doing what I love. I will do what I love.

Success... success unto you, and ALL your hand touches!

Donna Krech                                                                                                                   

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