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We've been talking about it for a long time now. What we eat has very little to do with losing weight or keeping it off. At the most, it's 15% of the problem. Exercise is important, but it, again, isn't the real culprit. The amount of activity we involve ourselves in affects our weight loss and maintenance by another approximate 15%. Evidence of this fact is that there is so much information at our disposal now about the right foods to consume and the right exercise to do, that we should be more healthy and more fit than ever!

So, where then does the other 70% come from? Motivation. As a matter of fact, that's the case when working to accomplish any goal. Certainly the skill matters, as does the desire, but it's the discipline to keep pressing toward the prize, keep moving on the task that determines whether or not we reach it. And I'm absolutely convinced it's our internal gift of motivation that causes that to keep occurring. And when we're in a non-stop motivation mode, combined with the desire and skill to do the task, there's just NOTHING we can't do! You see real motivation realizes that determination must come into play somewhere along the way because life is going to get in the way. And when determination is present, action takes place. And it's action that causes results!

Mary Snider had tried Weight Watchers. As a matter of fact, she'd lost about 35 pounds (about half of what she wanted to lose) on that program. She became discouraged when she seemed to hit a plateau and no one was there to talk to privately to figure out what to do about it. She'd joined Curves and another gym, at two separate times. She had a great time with the women at Curves, but didn't see any real weight loss results. And going to the gym just caused her to feel more overweight than ever! She felt more out of shape than anyone in the building and absolutely had no idea what-so-ever as to how to use the equipment properly. No weight loss occurred there. She was excited to hear about Suzanne Somers' book. It seemed to be a place she could get information about diet and exercise. She read it. She laid it aside and dismissed it as too difficult to follow. The story continues with example after example of diet and exercise programs, videos and other sources that Mary couldn't follow, couldn't complete or couldn't stay with permanently. What was the problem?

Was it that she didn't know what to eat? No, she knew-- several times and in several different ways as a matter of fact. Did she not have access to exercise? No, again. She did. Then what was the problem? She couldn't maintain her motivation! She didn't have a lasting and powerful 'why' or she didn't know how to come against the motivation assassins that linger around the world. The motivation assassins live inside of life and they spring on us without us even recognizing it! We all come equipped with TONS of motivation, we just need someone to help us tap into it. And as long as we identify and know how to handle the motivation assassins, we CAN achieve our goals!!

The word motivation comes from the word 'motive'. WHY are you doing what you're doing or wanting what you're wanting? The most powerful motivation is a one that looks at permanent, life-type benefits, not short-term incentive or loss. In other words, if you lose weight for a cruise or because you had a heart attack, you may not stay with the plan. But if you lose weight in order to be able to dance at your grand children's weddings, or to stay out of a nursing home, you have a REAL long-term reason for doing what you're doing. Now what could be an assassin? Easy one! What causes you to hit the couch with lethargy or run for the cookies? There's an assassin rearing its ugly little head now!!

The goal of Total Solution is to help you identify these guys and stop them dead in their tracks!!

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