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Begin Again Day
Today is going to be a BEGIN AGAIN day! ~ Donna Krech

Our success secret for the day is; "If at first you don't succeed, go back and do it again." Dov Charney, CEO American Apparel

The other night 20/20 aired a show called The New Rich. IT reviewed 4 new entrepreneurs who've made it huge and some of the reasons they believe it's happened. Dov Charney is from Canada. During college, he brought 15,000 t-shirts into Canada from the US. He had success with selling them. He dropped out of college and with a borrowed $10,000.00 he moved to the Carolinas and began American Apparel, making cotton apparel in the USA, for the world. When other manufactures began making their items abroad, for sixteen cents an hour, he was forced into bankruptcy. Now wait! Listen to this. He wasn't defeated. He decided there had to be a better way that he had just not yet found. He was passionate about his idea and knew he could get other people to be too. So, a college drop out, with a $10,000.00 loan and a bankrupt company continued in the SAME BUSINESS in the SAME COMPANY. The show was aired from the company's 800,000 square foot manufacturing facility in L.A. where he pays his employees, all immigrants, about $12.00 per hour. They're happy, he's happy, and... oh yes...the company now has 30 stores and will do $200,000,000.00 in sales this year. Maybe there's something you've tried and not seen the results you hoped for. You can begin again, differently, and see your dreams come true. Dov said, "It only takes passion for what you're doing and belief that big things with it are possible."

Life is Short. I'll not quit or see things as hopeless. I'll realize people go through situations all the time that are less than ideal and I'll remember I can not only start again, but succeed even more than I thought I would in the first place.

Success...success unto you, and ALL your hand touches! ~Donna

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