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Forgive and find the blessing in it.
If you’ve not read Dave Peltzer’s trilogy, beginning with A Child Called It , you have to read them, you must! Your life will be forever changed for the better. They are a present day, awesome example of forgiving and finding the blessing in a bad situation. I spent time with Dave this summer. I heard his story, like how his mother starved him for days on end, how she held his arm over an open flame, how she forced him to live in a corner in the basement of their home when he was so very little, how she chased him with a knife, then he concluded by saying this. "But she’s gone now, so she’s not hurting anymore. She was so sick. She taught me how to be a great dad. I love her so much for that." Dave holds absolutely no animosity, no vengefulness, no anger or bitterness. He’s forgiven and found the blessing in it. This is a step that I promise will make life so much easier. The aforementioned emotions are like heavy, burdensome baggage that is very difficult to carry everywhere you go. Forgiving and finding the blessing in it is like putting those bags away and never have to lug them around again! See... easier!

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