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How to make more money. By Donna Krech
Make more money by doing this...
Donna Krech

Do you know that people who exercise make more money?

In the July 2005 issue of Economics and Human Biology, a 15-year study correlating the relationship between weight and wealth found that, in general, men and women who are of healthy weight have significantly greater worth than those who are overweight or obese. The correlation was strong between people who lost more money and those who had a higher BMI, and as BMI went down, wealth went up. That’s a magical and miraculous thing. It seems that when we exercise regularly, we make more money. You may say, “How is that possible?” It isn’t rocket science. As you build exercise into your day, you are scheduling something that’s good for you, you’re practicing self-discipline, you’re involving yourself in something positive, you’re doing personal and professional building, and that carries over into other parts of your life as well. To make more, begin exercising!

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