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I was a 43-year old, 348 pound man who had been taking six medications and sleeping on a C-Pap machine. I was a convenient store manager, hardly able to work and definitely on my way to an early grave. My brother offered me a desk job at his construction company. I was informed that my major responsibility for the first year would be to regain control of my health, and lose weight. My brother recommended Thin&Healthy because he had previously had some success with the program.

In 2001, I was chosen as a corporate-wide superstar. I had lost 152.5 pounds and 150 inches.

My next goal is to maintain my weight, which I am doing. I have earned my private pilot's license with an instrument rating. My next goal is to earn a multi-engine license with a commercial rating. Before I lost my weight, it would have been medically impossible to obtain a pilot's license. Just like the plane I pilot, my confidence has soared thanks to the girls at Thin&Healthy.


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