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The best thing to ever happen to me was being laid off from my job. For my entire life I have always been a large guy. Actually, being overweight runs in my family. I experienced many of the things often suffered by over weight children-taunting, exclusion, and depression. I also witnessed the negative effects of being overweight on a person's health through my mother (her medical records could have filled their own filing cabinet). Surprisingly, even after I went through all of this I didn't do anything to better myself. I stayed overweight and for many years I hovered around 285 lbs. That is until my mother died.

My mom died when I was 21 and shortly after, I began gaining more weight until I reached over 325 pounds. My quality of life declined and I felt horrible about myself. Finally, I looked in the mirror one day and I realized I was heading in the same direction as my mother. I remember her struggling with her weight and the various hospital visits...I knew I needed to get healthy.

I was two weeks away from losing my job due to a cut in funding when I found out about Thin&Healthy's Total Solution. I used my savings to buy a membership-this is the best decision I've ever made.

I was skeptical when I first started the program. I had tried dieting on my own and I remembered the disappointment my mom suffered every time a new diet had failed but, in the first week I lost 11.8 lbs. I had plenty to eat and had a wide variety of foods available to pick from. Thin&Healthy's Total Solution really rises above everyone else because of their coaches. The support and encouragement from the coaches like Vicki Vance in the Muncie, Indiana location is the reason I was able to continue my success and lose 105 lbs in 5 months! I went from a size 48 to a size 33, lost 106 inches and 19.6% body fat.

My entire outlook on life has changed because of Thin&Healthy's Total Solution. For the first time in my life I am satisfied with the way I look and my self-esteem has increased. I am more confident and I'm in the best shape of my life! By utilizing the metabolism retraining I have found a healthy, fun way of coping with life's struggles through exercise. For the first time in my life I feel as if I am heading in the direction for a healthy life.

Many people are awed by the rate at which I met my goal. I am not though, because I know my mother didn't want me to have to go through what she went through. I know she's been helping me out from wherever she is, so I can have the healthy life she always wanted. Because of Thin&Healthy's Total Solution, I remembered that even the hardest of goals can be easily accomplished by surrounding yourself with people that believe in you.


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