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Nancy Kuck before
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Nancy Kuck after
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Nancy Kuck

Lost 27 lbs.

Lost 51.25 inches

Lost 5.9% body fat

Prior to Thin and Healthy, Nancy was totally frustrated with trying to diet on her own. She was an emotional and stress eater and had slowly gained weight over the last 10 years. She was experiencing hip and joint pain, along with elevated blood pressure. She knew it was just a matter of time before she was going to have to take medication to keep her blood pressure under control. She did not feel like she had the confidence or communication skills to do what she really wanted to do, and that was to teach at the Equestrian Therapy program. She knew that it would take a positive attitude, dedication, hard work, and energy to complete the training. She had made up her mind that there needed to be a change in her life, and with many failed diets from before, she was running out of options.

One day while driving by, she noticed the Thin and Healthy sign out front and thought, "why not", she had tried everything else up to this point. Everything changed for her when she walked into our doors on January 21, 2012. She has enjoyed being able to still get her favorite foods. She calls herself a Chip-A-Holic, and is so excited that she can still enjoy her chips and be able to ·lose and maintain her weight. She says that what makes Total Solution different is the "Total". She has experienced a total life change! She has been so enthusiastic about these positive life transformations. She has worked with her Life Coach on achieving many of her accomplishments.

Nancy has now lost 27 pounds, 51.25 inches and went from a size 8 to a size 4!! Because of her improved communication skills, she has a much better relationship with her husband. She has so much more energy and confidence. Because of Thin and Healthy, she is now working on her certification to teach at the Equestrian Therapy program. Life is good!!


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