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Mike Reese before
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Mike Reese after
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Mike Reese

Lost 54.8 lbs.

Lost 85.25 inches

Lost 7.4% body fat

Mike is one of those people that makes you glad you know him. I remember when I first met him and his brother-in-law Rick. I knew they were trouble from the beginning.

It was amazing to watch the transformation that took place in Mike and to see more of his character emerge as he lost his weight. I think one of my all time favorite memories is actually of when Rick hit his 100lb mark. Mike was already at his goal and had an old team jacket that used to fit him at his heaviest. Well, Rick having just lost 100lbs was just about the same weight that Mike started at. After our celebrating, picture taking, and victory lap-ing for Rick, Mike left to go out to his car and he brought in that jacket and gave it to Rick. It was one that Rick had always liked, but never would’ve been able to fit into before. Anyone watching could tell that it really touched Rick and blessed him a lot. It blessed us just by watching!

Mike has a heart of gold. Another thing that impressed me so much about him was that he signed up his son for a fitness membership and then altered his normal times of working out so that he could work out with his son. They started running together and even did a few 5ks this past year; Mike improved his time with each run!

Mike is definitely a driven individual. Even so, when he got within about 5lbs from his goal I remember him starting to get discouraged. I was able to help him see some things he could tweak with his food (including actually eating all of it) and then the day came when….he hit it! I was actually just here to work out and I opened up the door to the facility and BAM there he was-standing proud as ever in his king’s robe. I was so pleased.

It’s been a blessing to work with Mike and to see him affecting and changing other’s lives because of the way his life has changed. He’s made this a lifestyle and he’s changing his family history!


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